Penumbra's Summoning Ceremony Continues

Last year, over 15,000 contributors helped to summon Penumbra by participating in phase 1 of the summoning ceremony. This ceremony is used to generate the proving keys, which are used to generate and verify Zero-Knowledge proofs on Penumbra. We’re now ready to start the second and final phase of the ceremony, after which the final proving keys used for mainnet will be ready.

As in phase 1, we need the help of the community at large to generate these keys, and will be running a decentralized process over the next few weeks to gather contributions from as many participants as we can.

The ceremony is also a great opportunity to learn about all the new features that we’ve been adding to Penumbra since the last phase: contributors will have set up a wallet they can then use to explore all the other functionality available on the testnet.

For more information about what the ceremony is, and how it executes, you might find it interesting to read the phase 1 announcement blog post, or the summoning ceremony deep dive blog post.

How to Contribute

Detailed and continuously updated instructions are available at Contributing involves:

  1. Downloading our command-line wallet, pcli;
  2. using our Discord to get testnet funds from our public faucet;
  3. and then entering the contribution queue for phase 2.

The Discord is also a great place to ask questions about the ceremony, or to learn more about Penumbra in general.

If you’ve contributed in phase 1, you can contribute again, just check the instructions to make sure you have an up to date version of pcli and are using the right commands.

You can also use this wallet for much more than contributing: it gives you access to all of Penumbra. The web interface is a great way to explore all of the cool things you can do with Penumbra’s testnet, right this second.

Thanks to the community once more for helping make Penumbra a reality: happy summoning!