Natively cross-chain, with shielded transactions in any cryptoasset.
Transact Privately
Penumbra is a fully shielded blockchain, keeping user’s financial data safe and secure. All transactions are private by default and cannot be traced or decrypted without a user’s permission.
Natively Cross-Chain
Penumbra works with Inter Blockchain Communication (IBC) to shield any kind of cryptoasset originating from any IBC-compatible chain. As a result, Penumbra acts as a shielded pool for the entire Cosmos ecosystem and beyond.
Transparency on Demand
Every Penumbra address supports viewing capability, allowing users to opt in to disclose their activity to third parties they authorize for compliance or other reasons.
Fast, Low-fee Transactions
Penumbra transactions feature low fees asd fast finality, thanks to its status as a sovereign layer-1 blockchain using proof-of-stake consensus.